Misting Fan

Higher-pressure fans need a pump, but they are able to cool a far larger area. It’s more expensive than a normal fan but the flexibility is often worth the extra price. Big Fogg Misting Fans supply the biggest range of different sorts and configurations of Misting Fans.

misting fan

Industrial ceiling fans are perfect for any residence type. These ceiling fans might be outstanding way to get increased comfort level during summer. In addition, these industrial ceiling fans are produced by Modern Fan Co. by means of innovative technology.



Fog Cannons

Fog cannons are the best solution for effective dust suppression and control.

They help to suppress the dust, improving the air quality and reduces the health risk .

High-pressure jet nozzles will spray very fine water mist with very strong airflow by powerful jet fan . the mist generated by this process will catch all the odor and dust in the air .
The mist catches to the dust and any small other  particles (like smoke) and suppressing all. The range depends on the direction and force of the wind.

  • mist cannon
  • dust suppression cannons
  • spray cannons
  • dust binding machines
  • dust fighters


  • Smoke and fire Control
  • dust suppression
  • Construction
  • Coal and Mining
  • Steel Forming
  • Waste plants odor control
  • Wood Processing